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Jeff Gaynor - CEO | Cofounder

Jeff Gaynor

CEO | Cofounder

Tech Dude | Home Chef

With a passion for building practical applications, Jeff has excelled as a Web Developer and User Experience Specialist over his 20-year career. As Director of Development and Team Lead for successful startups in the Twin Cities, Jeff has emerged as a talented leader with a broad range of expertise.

I started cooking when I was 5 years old — the same age I got my first computer. I've been programming ever since. Sharing food has always been a way I connect with people. I think that's why so many chefs pursue their passion. I'm excited to bring these worlds together to help people connect over food while they help end local hunger.
Karise Gaynor-Morgan, Esq. - COO | Cofounder | GC

Karise Gaynor-Morgan, Esq.

COO | Cofounder | GC

Food Writer | Bakestress

Karise has a diverse background in many aspects of successful business ventures including corporate legal practice, operations management, and B2B sales for Thomson Reuters. Karise has been a long-time volunteer with Big Brothers / Big Sisters and other pro bono endeavors in Minneapolis.

I believe that business not only can be, but should be, integrating social impact into growth models to ensure sustainability. It is a measure that extends beyond profit margins and into the community in which the business must integrate.
Paul Hennessy - Restaurant Advisor | Co-owner

Paul Hennessy

Restaurant Advisor | Co-owner

Sommelier | Mixologist

Bartender, Sommelier, Father, Chef, Cyclist, General Enthusiast of all things hospitality. With over 20 years in the service industry, Paul Hennessy is always looking to innovate his craft and bring the best service to his guests. When he is not charming you with wit and wine behind the bar at The Bachelor Farmer you can find him on a bike ride around the chain of lakes or in the garden.

Sharing food is a way to connect with people we don't understand or know. We assume that we know how others think and feel based on what we think we know. But we don't know who they are until we've sat down at a table together, had dinner with them, shared time with them, and gotten to know them. It gives us an opportunity to share something real — an experience we couldn't have had otherwise.
Justin Chase - Tech Architect | Co-owner

Justin Chase

Tech Architect | Co-owner

Gamer | Home Brewer

Justin is seasoned software developer experienced in JavaScript, TypeScript, C# and .NET related technologies. He previously worked for Microsoft on Internet Explorer developer tools and Visual Studio. He's the guy that brought us the "Inspect Element" button on Internet Explorer. He's also a proud father, a gamer, a home brewer, and a Vikings season ticket holder.

Food connects me to my home, community, and family. I enjoy great fresh food, local farmers markets, and the amazing restaurant scene in the Twin Cities. My family and I make regular use of our smoker, and we love growing fresh herbs, vegetables, and hops in our small home garden and home brew operation.
Richard Dobkin - Advisor

Richard Dobkin


Market Analyst

Richard is an experienced business professional successful at working with manufacturing, retail, and agricultural companies around Minneapolis. He helps bring ideas to life by enabling the potential and creativity of others. His curiosity and commitment to innovation continues to drive better ways to solve problems for both corporations and entrepreneurs.

I was looking for opportunities to become more involved with initiatives focused on social impact, and I am excited to be a part of LiveMenu’s journey.
Andrew Mueller - Advisor

Andrew Mueller


Retail Consultant

Andrew is an experienced Retail Consultant with a passion for projects that generate meaningful social change. He recently left his role in predictive analytics at Target Corporation to get his MBA from Kellogg, focusing on social impact.

After hearing about LiveMenu, I was interested in the opportunity to offer guest insights to restaurants, while also finding a new way to support those in our community that are not fortunate enough to plan or choose their meals.
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