We're passionate about what we build.

  • Everyone should have food to eat.
  • Eating with others is a ubiquitous human experience.
  • Human connection is fostered by sharing experiences.
  • Technology can help us share food and experiences.


We are dedicated to building a sustainable, mutually beneficial ecosystem for food and drink establishments and their customers to help end local hunger. We will attain these goals by leveraging the best technology available and by setting measurable, repeatable goals that drive profitability and positive social impact.

Social ImpactManifesto

Our success depends on our ability to help.

We were founded on the principles that:

  • Achieving positive social impact is critical to our overall success.
  • Financial success of the company is dependent on our positive social impact.
  • Social impact of the company is dependent on our financial success.

By design, all product and operating decisions must be filtered through the lens of both social impact and financial success.

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