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Every food and drink establishment starts with a person and their ideas — a recipe, a cooking method, a new concept — a story. We believe that the inspiration behind great dishes and drinks are the human element that help us connect to each other. Our clients' stories, and the inspiration behind their hard work is something to embrace.

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White Bear Meadery

Handcrafted Mead

From humble beginnings,
 Josh Eckton and his family
 recently opened Minnesota’s first meadery. Mead from White Bear Meadery is handcrafted, featuring Minnesota-grown honey blended with other locally sourced ingredients such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, and maple syrup.

As an ever-gracious host, Josh welcomes newcomers with a smile and educates the uninitiated, making personal connections with each guest.

Our family is introducing mead (fermented honey) to the masses. As we and many other Minnesotans root for the Vikings, or have Viking roots, we wanted to open a meadery as a way pay homage to this ancient drink’s past.
Drink Like a Viking! Drink Mead!
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