Food for Everyone.

1 in 8 Americans struggles with food insecurity everyday. In a world where technology often creates social distance, those less fortunate are getting left behind. We have an abundance of food, yet people still go hungry.

We're working to change that. We believe the same technology that divides us can foster human connection and facilitate more effective solutions. We're forging a sustainable, mutually beneficial ecosystem for food and drink establishments and their customers to help end local hunger. Working together with local partners and food community experts, we're creating new and better ways to share food and experiences with others.

Help the Hungry

What isLiveMenu?

Interactive food and drink menus that help end local hunger.

Regain lost opportunities. Most online menus for restaurants, bars, breweries, and other food and drink establishments are flat — they only allow customers to read them. Get app-like interactivity that enages patrons and drastically increases subscribers.

Fuel donations to food-based charities. Gain and engage customers by rewarding them for specific actions with donations on their behalf, directly to food-based charities. The more your customers interact, the more they earn rewards, and the more you gain valuable insights about those customers.

Key Features

  • Keep menus up-to-date with realtime publishing
  • Increase traffic with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content
  • Enable customers to find what they want fast with instant search
  • Enhance each menu item with photos, details, and profiles
  • Add value with suggested pairings
  • Engage customers with favorites and ratings
  • Receive worry-free feedback from private reviews
  • Reward subscribers with donation credits
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RethinkYour Menus

Nearly 60% of web traffic is mobile.

Guests use phones to find food and drink menus. Evolve your online presence with interactive, mobile-optimized menus that increase site traffic, engage digital-savvy customers, and enable a closer connection between you, your food, and your patrons.

Engage Customers

Reach theRight Guests

Notify the customers that care.

You have 10 seconds to catch their attention. It's the difference between DELETE and walking into your establishment tonight. Connect with and notify the patrons most likely to respond with effective, behavior-driven messages.

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Make BetterDecisions

Some of us are good guessers. Most of us aren't.

Make informed, accurate decisions for your food establishment with data-driven analysis that helps you improve operations and grow revenue and customer base.

  • Snapshots of key performance markers
  • Predictions based on historical trends
  • Recommendations and suggestions for optimizations
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